East of Elsewhere
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Constraints Constructed

A performative installation by Nicole J. Waller

Opening: March 02, 2018
Closing performance: April 14, 2018

A power symbol, stitched with masculinity; the modern suit has remained stylistically unaltered for centuries. Artist and fashion designer Nicole J. Waller (b. 1994, Gothenburg) takes the tension between the continuity of this garment and the continuous refitting of contemporary understandings of gender and sexuality as the starting point for Constraints Constructed. J. Waller has developed this exhibition while in residency at East of Elsewhere. Constraints Constructed will be the first fitting of their multi-media installation conceived during their time spent in the space. Using the suit as their core motif, J. Waller seeks to unthread the structures that constrain self-expression and constrict the full experience of gender.

Press Text

Closing Performance by Zoe Darsee and Stephan Quinci: When I was shopping I was looking for something / suchtiger Press Text and Preview video

Investigating Relations Between Personal Fashion And Gender RestrictionsA Response To “Constraints Constructed” by Camille Haimet