East of Elsewhere
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Cardboard Späti

A love letter to the Berlin Spätkauf

Group exhibition with Arthur Laidlaw, Jack Penny and Vivian Le Vavasseur 

25 April - 21 June 2018

East of Elsewhere presents an homage to the späti on the occasion of Berlin Gallery Weekend featuring works by Jack Penny, Vivian le Vavasseur and Arthur Laidlaw. Cardboard Späti offers a kaleidoscopic view on the Spätkauf, a fixture of Berlin’s cityscape. The späti is fragmented through sculpture, painting and sound in homage and investigation of these nondescript landmarks. The exhibition is immersive, a portal of sorts into a multimedia expression of the pulse of the city. Jack Penny, Arthur Laidlaw and Vivian le Vavasseur distort and distill their experience of these spaces and their characters. Each artist has incorporated cardboard and other found material discarded from spätis into their work, emphasizing the regenerative potential of artistic translation.

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