East of Elsewhere

Artist Residency

Artist Residency at East of Elsewhere

  Palmyra (Bel Cella) , Arthur Laidlaw

Palmyra (Bel Cella), Arthur Laidlaw

  Advanced , Suzanne van Soest with Moansburg Collective

Advanced, Suzanne van Soest with Moansburg Collective

Interested in a residency at East of Elsewhere?

Two tiers of artist residency are available: combined studio and accommodation (900 euros/month) or accommodation alone (500 euros/month). The residency is geared towards visual artists and curators, but those working in other mediums are welcome. The East of Elsewhere residency is ideal for artists and thinkers who are new to Berlin and may benefit from being introduced to the city’s vibrant artistic community. Spending time in this quiet corner of East Berlin can also provide a new vantage point from which to view the city – a brief respite for longtime residents. 

Artists will be invited to show their work in an ’at homes’ style event at the end of their stay. Inspired by the Bloomsbury Group’s intimate gatherings under the same name, the ’at homes’ series consist of one night only salons where the resident is invited to present a current project. The ‘at homes’ are designed to create a safe space for presentation and discussion of ideas that are not yet fully formed. Please send CV, statement of intention and desired dates to info@eastofelsewhere.org. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.

Current residents of East of Elsewhere

Arthur Laidlaw is an artist from London whose work begins as architecture-based sketches. While living at East of Elsewhere, Arthur also participates in a studio residency with Gloguair. Arthur's most recent body of work, inspired by the architecture of Berlin, was exhibited at CoGalleries in January 2018. He also showed work in progress at Gloguair's Open Studios. He is developing a concept for an 'at home' about the stakes of the domestic exhibition space.  

Previous residents of East of Elsewhere

Taïs Bean is a french artist and curator living and working across Europe. Through her work she unravels a narrative feeding from myths and themes such as animism, transformation, decay and birth, rites of passage, nomadism. During her March residency at East of Elsewhere, Taïs conducted interviews about loss as part of initial research for a new project. 

Matilda Allsopp recently moved from London to Berlin to pursue a career in the arts. During her March residency at East of Elsewhere, Matilda arranged meetings and visits with a range of Berlin galleries and cultural actors.

Marianne Abbot is a filmmaker from Guatemala. During her February residency at East of Elsewhere, Marianne shot a silent film in Super 8 inspired by ostalgie and wrote about post-internet art for DRØME

Suzanne van Soest is an artist from the Hague who works primarily in painting and screen printing. During her November 2017 residency at East of Elsewhere, Suz painted large portraits of members of the neighborhood as figures in a deck of cards. Suz will screen print a few of these portraits on to kimonos to show in East of Elsewhere's January group show.

Katharine Oakes is an archivist from London who previously worked as a studio manager for Mona Hatoum and Tracey Emin. During her November 2017 residency at East of Elsewhere, Katharine continued her research on archiving the artist and explored Berlin's contemporary art scene.  

Vivian le Vavasseur is a musician, singer and sound artist from Jersey whose work mixes found and processed sounds with his vocal and instrumental accompaniment. During his September residency at East of Elsewhere, he began a post-Cagian exploration of what organized sound can be and began collecting found sounds for his EP Snow.