East of Elsewhere


Against People Against People

SOlo Exhibition with Rob Blake

22 September - 15 October 2017

Rob Blake’s AGAINST PEOPLE AGAINST PEOPLE is East of Elsewhere’s inaugural exhibition. The show consists of five sculptures made of steel, bicycle wheels, spray cans, pink paint balloons and other found material. With traces of assemblage and a nod to minimalist sculpture, the works imply a sense of urgency, as if they had to be made no matter the materials available. Created in response to the Alternative for Deutschland’s (AfD) posters plastered around Berlin, these works are also functional vehicles to launch pink paint. Blake fills spray cans and balloons with pink paint that alludes to the shade used by the Nazi Party to identify gay men in the Third Reich. The days running up to the 2017 German federal election, Blake invited viewers to borrow a sculpture and take it to the streets. Thus the sculptures continue to evolve as they are borrowed and returned, accumulating marks of use. Ultimately the exhibition insists that the viewer considers their own agency in how to respond to incipient nationalism, encouraging action rather than mere intellectual inquiry, or at worst, apathy.

Exhibition Text

Install shot, AGAINST PEOPLE AGAINST PEOPLE, Rob Blake, 2017

Against people sculpture 1

Found metal and spray can


Against people sculpture 2

Found metal


Against people sculpture 3

Found metal, tin can and bicycle wheel

Against people sculpture 4

Found metal


Against people sculpture 5

Found metal, rubber,canvas, paint balloon and paint